: Welcome to Our Company.

 Welcome to visiting the website of Samgwang Steel Wire CO., LTD.

 Samgwang Steel Wire CO., LTD. has made the structural steel in a constantly challenging attitude from the establishment up to the present.  Despite of the rapidly changing world situation and the continuous social change, we has aimed at the customer satisfaction management.

 Although the small scale, we are planning on growing with recognition of all customers, employees and society.  We are very pleased at stepping more closer to customers through the opening of our website.  We are making every effort to satisfy customers by the company motto of "the promise with customers rather than the profit of a company".

 Through the constant R&D investigation, we will strengthen international competitiveness to the global standard and always be awake until growing into a top global company.  We really appreciate your unchanged encouragement and support and are expecting your reproach and opinion.  Thank you.



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